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Sea Moss Soap (Citrus and SourRegano)

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Sea Moss Soaps
Our Citrus Sea Moss Soap is an all-natural alkaline-based soap that was created with Sea Moss and other essential herbs. This soap is used to help promote healthy skin. Citrus Sea Moss is the only soap in our line that helps with oily skin. Citrus Sea Moss is scented with an orange essential oil made from real orange peels. This soap has a lovely scent of orange that is sure to be pleasing to the senses. Our SourRegano Soap is aimed toward the masculine crowd. Scented with all natural Soursop leaves, Oregano, and essential Grapefruit oils. This soap was created as a moisturizing soap and is one of our customers favorite. Although aimed for the manlier crowd, women also enjoy its herb-filled scent.


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100% Vegan

All products are 100% Vegan

Care Instructions

Keep all Sea Moss products in cool dry areas. Sea Moss in gel form can last up to 2-3 weeks refrigerated.

All teas must be remain in closed container and stored in a dry, cool space.

Soaps can be used on face and body.